Airline of the Gods

Today, 200 economy class gods cruised through the sky from Britannia, across to Hellas – airlines. The cleared Heavens from start to end, one could see as far as the horizon. The landscape was that of the chariot-men, farmers, river and forest folk; flat-lands, filled with farmlands, woodlands, long snaky rivers and hamlets all along the way, curlicue of those whose lives takes them across muddy lanes, streams, fields of wheat and cabbage, herds of thick cows and hogs, foul marshlands and fens. Every step they take fills the world with the tales of human existence, and we now can gaze down on our world. As we reached the sun-baked rocks of the southern end of the Balkans, the mountains began to rise from the earth. The sharp, strong and edgy mountains, testament to Earth’s forces that lifted these titanic boulders from the planet’s crust with the slow, tense violence of tectonic collision – millennia, a blink of an eye. The we reached the opalescent beauty of the sea’s fury, and the lives of those seafarers, who dauntingly danced with the vitriol of the aquine  aquatic remorselessness and changeability.

This, my friends, when you gaze down through the window, does it not fill you with a strange energy? Riding in the chariot of gods.

Look away then from duty free shopping, from inane magazines and ponder the meaning of your physical presence, speed, matter of fact of the unlikely scenario you are experiencing with as much interest as a poor coffee-house experience, an unfortunate coach ride. Magnificence!

I wonder then, with all that pontificus maxima, if the gods in the days of yore, when zipping up and down, across and through the sky and clouds ever felt turbulence? How did they deal with changes in the atmospheric pressure? and, would they have found their constant flying back and forth to deal with the woes of humans eventually redundant, dull and a boring? When Hermes flies to and fro, how long does it take him, minutes, hours, days? and if so, how long until he refuses to deliver yet another message. Flying across the same landscape on and on? Tedious? Only for some.

Feel next time you are flying all the gods of all the people of Europe, or anywhere you are flying above – that is all I ask.


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