Growing thoughts

Is it a curse or a blessing?

Perhaps my mind is too easily influenced. I shudder at the thought of someone reading this. I read a phrase somewhere that said the following (approximately): that theorists today write books in the following format, first they spend a huge chunk of the book explaining their worldview, and then the rest placing convenient examples that support their worldview. This bothers me. What if it is a very good worldview? The accusation mentioned was considered to stem from the implications of post-processualism. Theoretical discussions seem to me a bit strange at times. Not in particular with the author alluded previously (whoever she/he is).

Let’s clarify a bit. I enjoy a bit of independent thought. While, I am aware that probably 99.99% of everything I have ever thought is someone else’s concept only less artfully expressed. Nearly always. Original ideas can often be traced back to some philosophical principle, either from Aristotle or Plato. Or so I’ve heard.


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