Archaeology Dub FX – feat. DJ Pot-man REMIX Flaverz

A House music fan – yeah the tangibility is palatable in a wheeled motion that recurs in varying but ultimate cycles of reproduction. Really, what are we but adages remixed and jockeyed tunes with ever growing alacrity and the wonderfulness of everybody’s preferences !

The delight of being an archaeologist is not really in finding out how people were in the past, but when at some point you realize that we are like them and they are like us and we are all like each other and as much as that is obvious when tracing back the stories we know to even further origins. This is when you know that you are part of something and maybe now, you spend so much time at home and it feels like the world is spinning out of control and you could not just keep up, but like there were people like them, there are people like us, in some way, you can find the parallel, and that I translate their life into yours, into ours and you see and you can say, well you see, that’s how we all use to just chill out you know. Some person in Ancient Athens riffing on what the hell is going on, ripping from the world what she can and placing it into hers. And even in the oldest song, now you would not even know that that’s what it is, but its my person that looks into it, and then, and you know, that we have our musical roots, our political life stems from a great ‘tree’ of our lives and we all grow our own leaves on different branches, but we are all humans attached to that same tree and that’s what archaeology and history can be. As we explore the echoes of old ‘songs’, ancient habits from a place back closer to the trunk we realize that there is a sort of cosmic similarity between all of us, and the thing that’s really fucking sweet is that it is not some abstract thought that appeared or is just kinda assumed, but it is in fact the basis of our entire existence, and the world of sounds and sweet-ass tunes to which we boogey our bodies to, and feel that knot untie in our stomachs and throats. And you know, I see that. Really, it’s there and it’s not a fantasy. It is so glaringly there, that it is only if you broaden it to encompass that possibility. And woah, man, I tell you, years later, volumes and many cold days on excavations I’ve spent, I never quite saw it. And it seemed more like fun days with the bae’s when all we are doing is really connecting over our shared past, and not quite realizing that we ARE connecting and it is not just because we have now been brought together for a task, but rather we are standing, working and discussing the lives of people who lived well before us, and it makes you a little anxious  because well it reminds you that your life will end at some point and all you’ve maybe done is read about the lives of peeps a long time ago, know what I mean? And so instead of just being you in the now and the pleasures you can have, you are living through others who lived theirs. And so you know, you gotta think what do people do things for? Sure, maybe there is a Great Project to which archaeology submits to, some great Humanitarian idea, but I feel like that’s a relic too now, the idea that we could all speak with one voice, but that’s not what’s quite right you know, it seems nice, but on the face of it is a rather cold stony temple of an idea. But, that’s because I don’t quite get it.

In the end, what it is we do is that we see that in so many ways and so many times so many people were so fucking chill – you know? All over the world, and yet they tell us about wars and death and misery, slaves and royalty like that’s what its meant to be like, and that you better deal with it – yeah. But you know, so many more of us made stuff, thought things, chilled out and had a laugh you know… It’s like that doesn’t matter in history, that it’s not ‘valuable’ knowledge. But I put to you – that’s what it’s really all about


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