World Archaeological Congress at 30

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A boycott of archaeologists! Literally, the World Archaeological Congress, the major organisation for bringing archaeologists together, was created out of an act of exclude other archaeologists. Here is brief excerpt of the history of WAC from Joan Gero that explains it:

“An international forum for archaeological research was first organized in 1931 with the founding of the International Union of Pre- and Proto-Historic Sciences (IUPPS). Archaeology was largely restricted (at the time) to Europe and to other small pockets of the developed world, and the IUPPS was — and continued to be — run by and for Western European intellectuals. In fact, all but one of its conferences has been held in a major European city; its conferences are organized around European perceptions of world-wide archaeology; and Europeans dominate its policy-making bodies. Although the IUPPS was the only organization with an international responsibility for archaeology, other organizations like the…

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